Chapter 1: A Daily Foot-Washing

Chapter 2: The Wedding Garment

Chapter 3: Answered Prayers

Chapter 4: Circumcision of the Heart

Chapter 5: "Faith without Works Is Dead"

Chapter 6: "Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood"

Chapter 7: A Portrait of Christ

Chapter 8: A Window to the Unseen

Chapter 9: Greater Miracles

Chapter 10: The Purpose of Jesus' Miracles

Chapter 11: Speaking In Tongues

Chapter 12: A Super Race: Let's make one!

Chapter 13: Parable of the Ten Virgins

Chapter 14: Examine, Repent, and Restore

Chapter 15: Master Teacher

Chapter 16: Knowledge versus Wisdom

Chapter 17: Don't Be Blind

Chapter 18: Why Must We Suffer?

Chapter 19: For The Letter Kills: Under the Law 

Chapter 20: Who Are God's Elect?

Chapter 21: Hypothetically Speaking


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