The following excerpts from "The Ultimate Intentions" by DeVern F. Fromke, support my thoughts on the methodologies used for scholarly analysis to discern God's Word. "If you, like many, have been accustomed to using the microscopic method of Bible study, which scrutinizes every detail and phrase in order to understand the will and purpose of God, may God help you to shift gears!" (15). Mr. Fromke further comments that "It is my conviction that we have too long been involved with a method which centers attention on immediate details without reference first to the larger scope of God's purpose. We have been majoring in minors. We have been more alive to the marginal than the central. We have become so accustomed to speaking in comparatives that we are almost afraid of superlatives. Let us make the necessary mental adjustments, move to the God-centered viewpoint, and take an entirely fresh look at the old, old truths of God's Word" (15).

"It seems modern believers have imagined they can win men by agreeing with them. This is a farce that simply means they have won us. History demonstrates the exact opposite. Dr. A. W. Tozer points out, 'The man [woman] who is going in the wrong direction will never be set right by the affable religionist who falls into step beside him and goes the same way. Someone must place himself across the path and insist that the straying man [woman] turn and go the right direction'" (9).

"God has used different men and movements — not to corner truth but to recover and herald truth to the upbuilding of the entire body of Christ. Every major awakening has centered in a major recovery of a truth necessary to mature and balance other aspects of truth" (9).


Seek Wisdom From God - Pray for a new day in which more of God's servants will seek truth from their heavenly Father.