Nasir Siddiki

In 1998 Dr. Siddiki went into full-time ministry and started a ministry called Wisdom Ministries. His desire was to "teach God's Word all over the world and equip God's leaders with wisdom". Siddiki also conducts Financial Empowerment Seminars that have caused financial breakthroughs in the Church, and taken them to the next level. Dr. Siddiki is currently teaching "wisdom success principles" from the Word of God at the Wisdom Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has taught at the American Bible College and Seminary, where he developed the curriculum of Biblical Economics, and received an honorary Doctorate Degree. Dr. Siddiki has been featured in Rev. Kenneth Hagin's magazine, Word of Faith, and Rev. Kenneth Copeland's magazine Believers Voice of Victory, and Charisma Magazine as well as several other publications.

Siddiki travels the world teaching and preaching in large conferences, churches, and meetings. Dr. Siddiki has held crusades in Africa, Asia, and Europe seeing more than 300,000 people in attendance. He also hosts an annual conference in September called "Leaders of Wisdom Conference" which is held in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since September 2006, Siddiki has hosted a half-hour television program called "Winning with Wisdom". The program airs weekly on GOD TV and other Christian TV Networks, including TBN Nejat which airs the program in the Farsi language in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

It has been an honor to have met this man of God. After spending three evenings with Dr. Siddiki and listening to him preach about on the Word of God, I can honestly say that Dr. Siddiki presents the Gospel like no other person I have ever heard preach. Three hours of listening to him preach felt like only five minutes.

This is the story of Amani Mustafa, an Egyptian woman who left her country and moved to the United States. In this video she explains the danger and abuse she was faced with in Egypt and about her conversion to Christianity.

Amani is the host of “The Muslim Woman” which is a program on the Ministries Network. The Ministries Network: Proclaiming Truth in the Muslim World website states:

Throughout the Muslim nations, many people are desperately searching for hope and truth. Through Ministries Network (MN), millions in the Islamic world can discover this hope and truth in the privacy of their own homes.

MN is a global mass-media evangelistic organization which is reaching Muslim men, women and children through compelling television programs, dynamic websites, and personal call-in telephone ministry. This coalition of experienced broadcasting professionals is effectively utilizing state-of-the-art technology to penetrate the deceptive veil of Islam and minister to the hearts of Muslims.

MN provides broadcast content through 20 television shows – including quality children’s programming – in multiple languages spoken by millions of Muslims.

Amani is also one of the contributors in the DVD resource: “Truth Unlocked: Keys to Reaching Your Muslim Neighbor.”  Through a series of interviews with scholars, pastors and former Muslims, this video series explores the unprecedented opportunity the western church faces with the arrival of many Muslim immigrants to our communities.  The sessions provide an introduction to the Muslim faith, culture, and world-view and insight into ways Christians can engage Muslims in genuine dialogue. This six session DVD is available through Tobias Communications in Waterloo, Ontario. Contact information for Tobias Communications is: 1-800-463-4685 and

You can also visit the Truth Unlocked website and watch videos of Amani and other presenters as they discuss sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Muslims.

Please PRAY for Amani’s ministry.  Please pray for all the Muslim women and men who find themselves shackled by the oppressive laws of Islam. Pray that Muslims throughout the world would experience the liberating freedom of the Gospel as they trust in Jesus Christ their Lord and Saviour. Pray for Christians who are witnessing to Muslims and living in Muslim countries.